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Mad Rock & YLF Mentor+ Climbing 2022 Spring Fundraiser

Who We Are

The Youth Leadership Foundation (YLF) has been serving the youth of the Washington
D.C. community for over 25 years. Serving third through twelfth-grade students after
school, on Saturday, in summer, and through virtual mentorship. No matter the format,
the programs feature one-on-one mentoring, formative talks about character, intentional
engagement of parents, and dedicated time for “community-making”

The Mentor+ Climbing program provides first-time free access for students from the
Washington D.C. community four days a week. To create greater access equity for
outdoor recreation, and instill a passion for outdoor spaces and conservation. Using
climbing as a catalyst for one on one mentorship and relationship building. This program
has given access to over 100+ students in its first year and has worked with several
students and their families to obtain free full-time memberships to Crystal City Movement Climbing gym.

Mad Rock x YLF Mentor+ Climbing Climbathon

YLF is proud and grateful to partner with Mad Rock Climbing to support the Mentor+ Climbing program to raise donations to continue to increase access.


Five mad rock athletes have stepped up to support the fight for outdoor access equity and volunteered their skin & sweat to see just how many double-digit graded boulders they can send in just 24-hours. These athletes will be climbing in Joes Valley, UT, and Boone, NC and work as a team to compile one of the most impressive single day tick lists you’ve ever seen all in an effort to raise money to support the YLF Mentor+ Climbing program from pledges generously given by the public!

This incredible effort will be filmed and produced into one stunner of a video so stay tuned!

Meet the Athletes

Our Goal

If you are interested in supporting this program and fundraiser please scroll below to help us reach our goal of $5,000 and make a pledge or give a one-time donation! Thank you for your generosity.

Online Donation Form

Donate Online

Give today. Build our nation's tomorrow.

Donate via credit/bank card, please fill out our online donation form.

Online Donation Form
"Donation by climb" represents a pledge per boulder sent by the Mad Rock team of athletes. After the combined number of boulders sent by the Mad Rock team has been tallied an automatic email will be generated and sent to you with your calculated donation.
"One-time donation" and "Other" represent a one-time donation for this fundraising event.
To Learn More about Mentor+ Programs email

Other Ways To Donate:

Donate by check

Please send checks payable to “Youth Leadership Foundation” to:​

Youth Leadership Foundation
1015 15th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

We also accept:

• Electronic Fund Transfers
• Stock Donations
• Bequests
• In-Kind gifts
• United Way # 8875
• CFC # 32181

Please contact our team at (202) 365-3511 or for more information on these types of donations.

Donate through PayPal:

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