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Mary Sargent attended PALS the summer before she entered 7th grade. During the summers of 2011-2014, Mary worked as a PALS mentor. Because of Mary's participation as a student at PALS, she was able to maintain a unique relationship with her students. Mary is an excellent role model for the PALS girls. Having superior leadership skills and personal character, Mary was able to steer the PALS girls in the right direction, advising them on how they can make better choices and strive to meet lofty goals. Mary is an alumna of St.Anthony's Catholic School, Georgetown Visitation, and most recently, the University of Maryland. In 2014, she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Government & Politics, English Language & Literature, and a minor in French. She currently works at the Washington Post.

Sheku Kabia has been participating with the TAP Program since 2006. He was a TAP student for several years and still continues to volunteer and lend a hand during our summer sessions. Sheku's character really shined through during a Fall session when the program moved to Southeast DC, increasing his travel via public transportation to roughly 4 hours. When told it was okay if he missed this session, he smiled and said, "No, it's fine. I just need to wake up earlier now to get here." Sheku lead by example for his peers at TAP and was a role model for the younger students. Sheku is an alumnus of Archbischop Carrol High School, and currently attends University of Maryland. 

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