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What Does Mentoring Mean at YLF?

YLF's clear vision for the students pervades every aspect of the programs: academic, extracurricular, and character development. The mission is accomplished through a unitive academic program, inspiring and engaging extracurriculars, and a dedicated faculty and staff — but what makes it all come together in the life of a student is mentorship. YLF mentorship seeks to assist parents in the intellectual, moral, and physical education of their children. This formation takes place during weekly, one-on-one conversations between the mentor and mentee and in the on-going dialogue between the parents of the mentee and his or her mentor.


The mentor starts with a goal of who the student can become. Then, working in the context of each student’s personal circumstances, the mentor teaches the student—through advice, example, and encouragement—how to acquire the virtues that will make that picture a reality.  PALS & TAP, through its curriculum and discipline, teach character in the abstract.  The mentors and teachers seek to exemplify and inculcate in the students these same character traits—addressing them specifically to each student’s needs.


If you share this vision of mentoring and would like to donate some of your time one day a week, to change one student's life, please contact our Program Administrator, Tonnete Abellana for more information.

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Tonnete Abellana

Program Administration

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