Summer at YLF

Third to Eighth Grade


Nine Virtual Sessions Offered Daily from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm including

A Social HourOne-on-One Mentoring, Daily Movement and Socially Distant Field Days


High School Spirit of Service Challenge

The YLF high school mentorship program is the most prestigious of all YLF programs. Students learn how to communicate well, work more effectively, prioritize their time and energy, and make decisions to build a more virtuous and service-oriented life.


Students are presented with a social problem and asked to design a business solution for it within a particular industry.  Through college-level seminars and working in a professional environment, students learn about complexity of problem and use "design thinking" in groups across civil, art, STEM and business.  After 5-weeks, teams present business ideas to C-Level judges. 

Winning teams earn a trip to visit a college campus. The 2020 Summer Business Plan Competition will run from June 29 to July 29. Participants meet at respective PALS and TAP locations at the 3rd-8th start time, and depart for the on-location civil, arts, STEM and business sites.


Saturday Workshop Series: Students attend four to six grade-specific workshops about getting into, having success in and planning for success beyond high school.

Community Service: 11th and 12th grade students are asked to become mentors to our elementary school students during the school-year and to keep a written journal of their experience. All students are asked to join semesterly service days. 

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