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Thanks for Celebrating the 2014 Spirit of Service with Us

Please accept the sincere gratitude of the YLF Board of Directors and me for joining us on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 for our Tenth Annual Spirit of Service Awards Dinner. It was a wonderful event for Judge Chasanow and for the children in YLF’s academic and character-building programs. We are touched by the emotion of the evening and feel the need to give a triple thank you.

Firstly, thank you for the memories. Our energetic Master of Ceremonies, Leon Harris, led us through quite a night. We began by recognizing two of our outstanding volunteers, Ben Kaczmarski and Jean Maloney, for their dedication to our programs as we remembered the late William Stanton, a member of the YLF Board who embodied the magnanimity that is one of YLF’s hallmarks. Then, from the amazing recitations of the boys from YLF to the way that Kelly Wright and the girls from YLF got us all moving to “Happy,” we were able to see just how special the children we serve truly are.

Secondly, thank you for your support. Along with our event co-chairs, Lisa DiMonte and Scott Sonntag, we are so appreciative to all who attended the event, to our sponsors, and to those of you who sponsored a child. The evening would not have been a success without you. It is because of the great support you gave us that YLF will be able to continue to serve nearly 500 children each year.

Lastly, thank you for honoring Judge Chasanow. As those closest to him expressed in the tribute video, he has touched so many of us with his professional excellence and service to the community. It was YLF’s honor to present him with this year’s Spirit of Service Award. Judge Chasanow was deeply touched by the good wishes and congratulations that all of you shared with him. He, too, was moved by the children of YLF, especially how our dedicated mentors help our kids become better men and women.

We encourage each of you to come and visit our programs this winter and see all of the staff and volunteers at YLF doing what we love most: building character among the youth in D.C.

Thank you again for a great evening!

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