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Honoree TW Perry sets record at YLF Spirit of Service Dinner

Youth Leadership Foundation —

January 26, 2017 –

In the midst of dazzling student performances and a joyous evening at Columbia Country Club, local construction company and the Youth Leadership Foundation’s 2018 Spirit of Service Dinner Honoree, TW Perry raised a record half-million dollars for YLF’s life-changing mentoring programs.

TW Perry is the first company to be recognized by YLF for the Spirit of Service Award. The company embodies the “Spirit of Service” through its proven track record of providing opportunities for youth, particularly those under-served in the local community. The company has exhibited visionary leadership, principled entrepreneurship and promised shared prosperity to its customers and employees engendering respect from the entire DC building community.

In a moving video, churches, non-profits, and TW Perry individuals shared the great impact TW Perry has had on families, communities, and especially those in need in the DC area.

"TW Perry made me feel at home. I think it was a great opportunity to come here and work at TW Perry, especially as a young lady," PALS Alumna and TW Perry Intern Deja Sumler said. "PALS taught me how important character development is, how it's essential in adulthood. In TW Perry's environment, I got to see that lived out."

Mother and son pair, Chisom and Anthonia Agwamba, shared about their respective experiences with the TAP program. Both Chisom and Anthonia noted TAP's difference from other summer programs.

"At most summer programs, they just give you a ball and you play sports," she said. "At TAP, it was different. They not only did sports, but also learned how to become men."

It's thanks to organizations like TW Perry that YLF is able to impact the lives of more DC-area students with its life-changing mentoring programs. Congratulations, TW Perry, on receiving the 2018 Spirit of Service Award.

About the Youth Leadership Foundation: This year marks YLF’s 20th Anniversary. Since its inception, YLF has built the character of over 3,000 students and has seen 97% of them graduate from high school throughout the Nation’s Capital. Last year, YLF’s character-building programs served 348 youths in all wards of District of Columbia and Prince George’s County through 60 mentors. As a result of their participation with YLF, 92% of YLF students developed greater self-confidence; 83% reported positive changes in study and work habits; and 86% became more goal-oriented.

YLF Media Contact:

Amanda Tindall : ; 202-697-3003

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