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Youth Leadership Foundation Remembers Baseball Legend Brooks Robinson

Washington, D.C. — The Youth Leadership Foundation (YLF) is deeply saddened by the loss of Baltimore baseball legend Brooks Robinson, who passed away on Tuesday, September 26.

Robinson received YLF’s Community Champion Award at the 2019 Johnny Holliday Scholarship Classic, which honored him for his lifetime achievements and work in our community. While he’s most known for his accolades on the baseball diamond — eventually becoming a Hall of Fame inductee — it was his contributions to youth development throughout Washington, DC and Maryland that cemented his legacy.

“What always struck me was how humble Brooks Robinson was despite his many achievements,” said YLF Executive Director Janaiha Bennett. "Mr. Robinson made time for others, and exemplified the type of excellence and character to which all YLF students can aspire, both on and off the field.”

“Brooks Robinson was a model – not just for somebody who wants to play third base, but for anybody who wants to have a role in the game of life,” said YLF Vice Chair Gerard E. Mitchell. “As ballplayer, father, mentor, and supporter of the Youth Leadership Foundation, Brooks was the best. He attended YLF's golf tournament every year where he told stories and talked with the kids. We loved every minute he spent with us, and we will never forget him."

The Youth Leadership Foundation provides quality one-on-one, value-based mentoring programs for students aged 7 to 17 across the Washington, DC metro area. Serving over 350 DC and MD youth each year, YLF facilitates empowerment through joy, excellence, and a spirit of service while building character, emphasizing personal growth, and creating transformative mentorship experiences.

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