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YLF congratulates Berniece and Bianca!

YLF would like to extend a huge congratulations to Berniece and Bianca!

We strive to help our students reach their full potential. These twin sisters have been involved with YLF since the 3rd grade, blossoming from quiet & reserved children into young women marked by humility, integrity and example. Their relationships with mentors centered around their very different leadership styles.

Bianca was continuously a refreshing source of leadership and positive energy in the program. Her leadership style was not ostentatious. She exhibited a humble consistency. Berniece was the type of student that facilitates the learning of others by inviting the views and opinions of others rather than insisting on her own perspective. She was always a trustworthy student who leads by example. These cornerstone traits of character have enabled her to learn other important leadership skills.

During their final year at Georgetown Visitation, they were selected by KPMG for their Future Leaders Scholarship. Learn more about their experiences at the Future Leaders Summit here.

This fall, they will begin their freshman year at UNC-Greensboro. Stay tuned for more from their talented young women.

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