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William M. Stanton Outstanding Mentor Awards

William M. Stanton

It is my distinct pleasure each year to announce the winners of YLF's William Stanton Outstanding Mentor Award.

In bestowing this award, we remember Board Member Bill Stanton. In the early 2010s, I was among the staff members that were blessed to have met and worked with Bill. His commitment and contributions to YLF and D.C.'s children were unmatched. His joy in service made everyone's day brighter.

And so, when he passed in 2014, we mourned the loss of a great man. In the weeks and months that followed, we deliberated on the appropriate way to remind ourselves and others of Bill Stanton and honor his legacy of giving and commitment to excellence. Thus, the formation of this award. This is dear to me and I hope you as well as we take a few moments to reflect on his life and those that embody his spirit.

Without further ado, a huge congratulations to Kayla and Colman:

Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery (PALS Program) is from Freehold, NJ. A senior at the University of Maryland, she is studying Criminology and Criminal Justice. Kayla enjoys traveling, learning about diverse cultures and listening to new music. Through her experience at PALS, she has “learned that one has to lead by example in order to have a strong impact on our students' lives.” She hopes to attend law school and continue to mentor youth in the community.

Colman Rowan

Colman Rowan (TAP Program), hailing from McLean, VA, is a student currently attending the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. “I first was introduced to YLF by my older brother Sean who worked with TAP over the summer. When I saw how much he enjoyed it and how important the mission was, I decided to also work with TAP. I find joy and value in mentoring because by helping shape the character of the kids they can better prepare themselves for their own and their loved ones' future. It's like a fire that spreads the goodness of character through example to better the lives of all involved.”

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