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Introducing "Ray of Light" Brianna Dance

Brianna Dance (Power of Care)

1. Which of our three virtues do you identify with most and why?

[BD] I identify mostly with the Spirit of Service. Spirit of Service stands out to me because it's a lifestyle of selflessness. When I think about my desire to serve others, I trace the root of that desire to my parents, my own experiences, and the ability to empathize with the experiences of others.

Growing up in a Christian home, I was blessed to observe my parents serve people in Church, in our family, and in our community. I didn't always understand that level of selflessness, but as I've grown in my own walk with Jesus, so has my desire to serve. Not only is Jesus healing and helping me through my own brokenness, He also reveals to me areas in my community where others are suffering and how I can make a difference. Sarah Jakes Roberts once said that passion isn't always "sexy," and that the definition of passion is suffering; that changed my life forever. Passion is often advertised in a fluffy and sweet manner, but after hearing the new perspective on it, I had to ask myself, “Brianna what are you willing to suffer for to bring someone else to the other side?” and also “What breaks your heart?”

2. Did you have a role model/ mentor that inspired you to do what you are doing?

[BD] My mother Wendelyn Dance and my Godmother Mamie Williams are my role models and mentors. They are both great women of faith who have helped me navigate every phase of my life with truth and without judgement.

3. What is the best advice you’ve received to date?

[BD] My mom always encouraged me to see the other perspective of every situation, person, or story. I believe that birthed my curiosity and empathy.

4. How do you see/ understand your responsibility to your community?

[BD] I see my responsibility as essential. God has blessed me with gifts not for myself, but for others. We all have been blessed with some talent and or gift and He's been so good to me so I can’t just sit on it and waste it.

5. Ultimately, what does success look like to you?

[BD] Success to me is having peace during tough times. Life can really be hard and take me on an emotional roller coaster. Our world is so unpredictable filled with bad news, but somehow God never changes. He's still good!

Brianna Dance, a Prince Georges County native, is a licensed social worker at Children's National Hospital in Washington DC. At Children’s, she supports teen parents and their children by providing case management and family planning services in the Healthy Generations Program. Brianna believes that everyone's voice is important and enjoys collaborating with them to strengthen the family unit

She launched PowerofCare in 2016 , where she promotes all aspects of growth & wellness through her personal journey on her YouTube Channel.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from Hampton University and a Masters of Social Work from Howard University School of Social Work. In her spare time she can be found serving at her church , spending time with family , traveling, and walks outside.

[ “Ray of Light” is YLF’s new Social Media campaign, a spotlight feature showcasing the range of excellent work that natives/residents of the DMV are doing ]

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